David Cash is not one of these rappers. Hailing from Venice, California, he comes from a grossly underrepresented area of Southern California known as the “Far West,” which provides a very different perspective from Eastsiders like Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, and The Game. His flow rejects the one-dimensional image often associated with West Coast rappers and instead showcases his kaleidoscopic personality: On one hand, his swagger and confidence teetering on cockiness is so palpable, it makes the listener think that for about three minutes, they are as invincible as he is. But on the other hand, we have a man who knows the streets too well, who has seen it both give and take life from those closest to him. His flow is reminiscent to his environment: raw, honest, painful, and at times, even emoting searing vulnerability. With his music he wants to show hip hop fans that there’s more to the West Coast than Long Beach and South Central, drive-bys and gangbangers; he wants to expose a more versatile California through his own lyricism and music, so the West Coast can stop succumbing to formulas and remind the industry why the West was such a threat to the world in the 90’s: innovative, undeniable talent and rebellious artistry.